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Annual Christmas Hovland Arts Festival


Hovland Arts FestiavalThe annual Christmas Hovland Arts Festival will be held on Saturday July 7th and 8th. The event takes place in and outside the Hovland Town Hall from 10 am to 3 PM (Central Time) (highway 61, milage marker 128.6, 18 miles east of Grand Marais, and 15 miles south of the US/Canadian Border).

The festival showcases art from local artists The festival will feature pottery, photography, lathe turned wood bowls, beeswax products, painted gourds, fiber art, woodcarving, beadwork, painting, leather work, birch bark art, and more. The festival has expanded each year.

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                        Jim McGowan
                                                      Jim McGowan

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Some of the Hovland Arts Festival Participants


Jewelry by Todd Hawkinson
Todd Hawkinson

Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis

bracelette by Sue Hangge
Sue Hangge


Beadwork by Jo Wood

Jo Wood

 Land & Lore-Wolf by Francis Esquega
 Land & Lore-Wolf by Francis Esquega





Pottery by Joan Farnam
Joan Farnam

Pottery by Mary Jo Flack
Mary Jo Flack


Chickadee by Sandy Updyke
Sandy Updyke

Photography by Hella Buchheim
Hella Buchheim


Watercolour by Ray Swaluk
Ray Swaluk

Watercolor by David Hahn
David Hahn


Knitting by Signe Pearson
Signe Pearson


Beeswax Candle by Linda Newman
Linda Newman


Wood Bowl by Lou Pignolet
Lou Pignolet

Goats Mild

Goats Milk products by Patty Myer
Patty Meyer

Basket Weaving

Basket Weaving by Julie Kean
Julie Kean

Fish by James Vannet
James Vannet


2016 Hovland Arts Festival Photos

Festival Photos 2015



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How to get there......if you are in Grand Marais, keep heading toward the Canadian border along Lake Superior.  We are right in Hovland at Fire # 4957 East Highway 61.  It's about 18 miles from Grand Marais to Hovland.  If you are in Canada, you travel Highway 61 and go through Grand Portage and on to Hovland.  You will see the church and town hall at #4957 E. Hwy 61. 


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Minnesota Highway 61 Along Lake Superior


The Lake Superior Circle Tour in northern Minnesota (highway 61) These highways are usually the closest to the lake.

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